Surfing & Bodyflying at Jochen Schweizer Arena

I was recently at the Jochen Schweizer arena Munich for some children’s birthday parties. They had a blast; a full day of fun, sport and excitement.

The arena offers everything for children and adults alike, from indoor surfing, body flying, an outdoor flying fox, canopy climbing and team building areas.

Standing Wave

One highlight is definitely the indoor standing wave for learning and improving your surfing skills. With an adjustable wave height of up to 1.4 m, it’s perfect for both beginners and pros. But why should I learn to surf in Munich? Just go to the English Garden, near the Haus der Kunst und you will know why. Munich is famous for having one of the first natural (semi-natural) standing waves in the world, which attracts an international surfing crowd. If you want to surf there you need to be good. The Jochen Schweizer arena will help you get there. To help beginners, they position a metal bar across the stream, which they can hold on to in order find their balance and become more acquainted with the board and the rushing water below. As soon as one feels more comfortable they take the bar away and voila off they go. Most people are able to stand on their own and start experimenting with the board after 10-20 minutes. The arena is not only ideal for beginners, but also for pros who enjoy the more predictable waves practicing new moves. Children older then 8 years can start their surfing career here with a beginner’s session of 45 minutes for 29.90 to 34.90 Euro depending on the day.


The second highlight we checked out is the about 6-meter high body flying glass chamber (the actual tower is higher). A session last 2 minutes, which is the free fall time you would experience if you would jump from 4000m altitude. The instructors are very professional and offer excellent guidance with sign language, as you have to wear ear protection against the noise of the giant wind turbines blowing air to a speed of up to 285 km/h, depending on your weight and level of experience. The nice thing is that kids can also have a go for a reasonable price of €39.90 for 2 minutes.

While we were there we saw several birthday and bachelor groups having fun together. You can book sessions as closed groups. There are also a lot of other events during the day and evening like dia-shows, surf competitions and parties.

I will definitely return to start my surfing career here. Considering I live just across the road from the standing wave in the English Garden it would be a pity not to surf here at least once in my life.

Please find enclosed an interactive map you can actually link to (Click on ‘get the list’) showing you all the surf spots in Munich, including the Jochen Schweizer Arena.

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