Unusual Hotels from all over the World

Sometimes, straying from the beaten path is just the way to go. Sometimes, daring a leap into the unknown and extraordinary will take you to where the real adventure is: Places where spending the night becomes an unforgettable experience and your holiday, a true adventure.




Oman brings reminiscences of the Arabian Nights, of deserts and bare mountains. However, the southern part of the sultanate has barely seen any touristic development and offers one of our most unique experiences: our Canvas Club private camp. It is built in the middle of a freely determinable area and equipped with a complete infrastructure and service crew, thus allowing managers and stressed travellers looking for a quiet place to relax to experience a retreat and the wonders of silence , while not being completely isolated. Here, for instance, in these indescribably beautiful surroundings, ornithology enthusiasts have the opportunity to get to know the birdlife of Oman with the help of a local expert. It’s not surprising to find that Rock stars as well as Rothschilds are part of the exclusive glamping guest family and can be often found spending an extraordinary night there.



Fogo Island

Fogo Island is a most versatile island. This pristine patch of earth is a real insider tip. The Fogo Island Innlies, mysterious, embedded in its familiar surroundings on the extreme edge of the North American continent in Canada. Zita Cobb put heart in building this hotel to keep this beautiful island alive. Eleven fishing villages benefit from it. The hotel unites the islanders with the visitors of the hotel. One soon feels a part of this carefree community.
According to the inhabitants, there are seven seasons, which allow the island to be discovered from a variety of perspectives. Here, nature changes so drastically that almost any kind of activity is possible – from picking berries to snowshoeing.

The cozy decor and many small loving details will make you feel quite at home here. You can enjoy the breathtaking landscape through the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows from your own bed. Time seems to stand still as you watch the humpback whales go by or icebergs floating down on their last journey. The caring warmth at Fogo Island Inn will let you get a close as it gets to the inhabitants and their culture.



Tree Hotel

The term “tree house” awakens old childhood memories in most people. The Treehotel in the north of Sweden reinvents the “adventure tree house” for adults: tree houses that resemble a UFO or a bird’s nest, or – is it really a wagon hovering at lofty heights? The six different tree houses are designed in a way that allows people to get very close to nature. An extraordinary place to spend the night: here, high up in the trees, a feeling of adventure is guaranteed. Some people may ask themselves: is it possible to experience comfort, or luxury even, in a tree house? Definitely, because the rustic cabins are misleading from the outside – inside, the unique rooms leave nothing to be desired.

It’s all about leaving everyday life behind and recharging your batteries in nature. Whether in the large wooden sauna or with the fantastic view over the Lule river valley, with the forest extending for kilometers and the mighty river: Here time seems to stand still for a short moment. Your inner child’s love of adventure will experience a new high in the vast nature of Sweden with its many excursion possibilities by day as well as by night. Snowshoe and sledge tours with huskies, racing through the woods on horseback, getting to know the culture of the Samis and seeing the Northern Lights in winter – here your inner child, explorer and adventurer revives.



Snow Hotel

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful Snow Queen who kidnapped Kay in her ice castle …” In the snowy Finnish Lapland, there is a true ice palace: The Snow Hotel. Built from pure ice, it makes one feel like in the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. Quite inconspicuous, under the colours of the Northern Lights shimmering in green, blue and violet, the igloos of the Snow Hotel are buried under a thick blanket of snow. The sparkling snow walls are decorated with flowers and ornaments and bathed in LED light. Bright colours and embellishments in the Ice Cave lead visitors into a very special world where they will spend an extraordinary night.

So that nobody feels cold in rooms that are at a constant 0 to -5 degrees Celsius, thick, cuddly sleeping bags provide pleasant warmth. And should you ever feel cold, a hot drink or the fireplace in the restaurant located directly by the lake will warm you up. The Finnish countryside offers a wide range of activities: take a ride like the Ice Queen in a carriage drawn by reindeer or huskies through the pristine world of snow, go on a snowshoe hike or visit the ice sauna. In any case, it will be an unforgettable sojourn.


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