What is myLike?

myLike was born out of the desire to save the things we like and share them with others. We want to explore new places with recommendations and insights from friends and sources we trust. We want to do this at home or on the road; anywhere and anytime, easily and effortlessly.
This is myLike.

The four key functions of myLike address the following basic needs:

  • Find a place or service without getting overloaded with information or have concerns or doubts about the reliability of the source.
  • Easily save places or services you want to remember and have instant access to them – unlike a business card, which we often lose or don’t have with us when we actually need it.
  • Make sure your privacy is protected – not everybody needs to know what you like or find.
  • Share the things you love with the people you care about, fast and efficiently with the most updated information.

With myLike® we implemented a mobile freemium platform, enabling you to search, save, organize and share location-based information with the social circles you trust: your friends and closed networks. This gives you the unique opportunity to receive honest, personalized and trustworthy insights – not random content from strangers.

With myLike you define who can see your insider tips: only you, your friends, groups or the whole community. This protects your privacy and makes sure that the great hidden beach you discovered this year is just as enchanting next year. myLike saves you time by providing you relevant and inspiring results, anytime, anywhere. It takes the concept of social sharing to the next level, adding efficient data retrieval, ratings, storage and filtering capabilities and most importantly, trust.

For more information visit our Homepage.

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