Nordic beach feeling at the new barefoot hotel

Barefoot Hotel Timmendorfer Strand

Germany might not strike you as beach country, but there are actually amazing sand beaches along the Northern coast line and many beautiful islands. There are also several charming beach resorts along the North and East Sea, which were established during the Golden Age. They are definitely worth a visit and not just in Summer but in cooler, months with brisk weather too. That’s why the ‘Strandkorb’ was invented, to protect one from the wind during Autumn and Winter.

Barefoot Hotel Timmendorfer Strand

One of these lovely beach resorts is the ‘Timmendorfer Strand’, where just recently one of Germany’s most famous actors, Til Schweiger (who has also featured in US productions, such as ‘Inglorious bastards’) was in charge of the design for the recently opened barefoot hotel – its name is derived from Til’s knitwear and lifestyle company.

With its natural materials and muted colors, the hotel embraces the casual, warm chic one associates with beach houses in the Hamptons, Miami or Mallorca.
Built more than a 100 years ago, it has undergone significant renovation in the last months and just opened up its 57 rooms to the public.

Barefoot Hotel Timmendorfer Strand

The main idea behind ‘barefoot’ is to relax in a casual environment, which includes a pleasant spa, fitness area and various yoga classes. The down-to-earth food, based on local supply is served either in the restaurant or on the terrace. In the colder seasons an open fire place provides a cozy, romantic backdrop.

Barefoot Hotel Timmendorfer Strand

The restaurant, spa and fitness area can also be used by guests who are not staying overnight.

If you are looking for a spot where you can just relax and treat yourself with excellent food without the need to dress up, ‘barefoot’ is definitely an excellent choice.

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