Make Your Blog To Go and Useable By Your Followers

You have a great blog; sharing brilliant content and experiences with your followers. But what can your readers do with the places you recommend; places they would love to visit themselves and make their own? Today they record these in little notebooks, on ‘Google maps’ or as an ‘Evernote’ – all disconnected from you as the original source. What your readers would really like to do, is to follow your footsteps and have access to your many tips – 24/7, geolocated and personalized with your comments. They would love to search through them, experience them and share them with their friends, because they trust your taste. So make your blog ‘To-Go‘.

With myLike your followers can use your content directly, and it remains linked to you as the trustworthy source.

How does it work?

As a blogger, you can easily add all the places you write about in your blog to myLike. You can include personal comments, tags and pictures, as well as organize them in lists, which reflect the theme of your blog. You also define who sees which place or list: just you, close friends, followers or everybody.

You can now also integrate an interactive map into your blog via the myLike widget, to locate all the spots you refer to in an article. This is great as it means your readers can download this content with just one click and maintain your connection as the trustworthy source. If you wish, they also can follow you in myLike and view your blog content in myLike to get even more inspiration.

If you’re a vlogger you can use myLike to turn your video into a travel guide. Just share your list, for example, via email and copy the link to your list in your channel.

So make your blog interactive, usable and ‘To-Go’.

Tip: you can use myLike whilst you travel – easily adding the spots you want to write about on a mobile map, along with a personal note, until you’re ready to publish them on your blog.

Here are the simple steps:

  • Sign up as a blogger in myLike for free (you will have blogger specific privileges)
  • Add your spots to myLike before or whilst travelling or writing your blog
  • Organize them in lists according to your own blog themes
  • Generate an embeddable code for our widget via our share function (as a vlogger just generate a link via the mail function)
  • Integrate the code in your blog (or the link in your Youtube channel)

Tip: In addition, you can send your lists to your followers via different channels, or post them in social media platforms.

What will you get:

  • Your blog will be interactive
  • Your followers can use your content right away
  • You will be connected to your tips – and your followers
  • You will have more touch-points with your audience
  • Your followers can share your content and increase its reach
  • We can provide you statistics on the use and dissemination of your content

Please find here a detailed tutorial on how to use myLike to make your blog interactive.

Tip: Add a ‘follow me on myLike’ link to your blog and your followers can always see your recommendations, where ever they are. Just click “invite a follower” -> “outside myLike” and copy the generated hyperlink.

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