6 Things You Really Should Try in Prague

You may think you’ve seen everything in Prague and there’s no reason to return. But what if we show you a different side of the city through thematic experiences? Just think about it: what do you enjoy most? Tasting pilsner? Going on a food tour? Hiking? Museums or art tours? Meeting locals? Or you are all about history? No matter which one you prefer, this list will provide you enough inspiration to book your next Autumn trip to Prague!

1. This one for foodies!

Whether you just have 24 hours in the city, the best loved Czech drinks and desserts are waiting for you! You can organize a trip on your own, but if you don’t have time to try out restaurants, choose the Eating Prague tour, which offers endless tastings from amazing, locally-loved dining spots. Get ready to taste some delicious desserts and sandwiches.

Feel like taking the tour on your own? We’ve collected the best restaurants, pubs and bars! Discover them all!

2. Ready for a beer or two?

As the weather gets even colder, it’s time for a Autumn beer tasting between sightseeing! We promise, after your second Pilsner you won’t feel cold at all! Attending a 3,5 hour long beer tour, or organizing one for yourself can be an option, especially if you want to avoid too many inebriated tourists.

Note: Try the Czech pilsners, the dark lagers, and local beers!

3. Travel time!

Are you watching the History Channel whenever you can? You’ve seen all the war documentaries on Netflix and even read several books on communism? Then it’s time to go and explore everything on your own! Leave the comfort of your home and experience this in Prague! The city is home to not only the famous KGB Museum and Museum of Communism, but also a Nuclear Bunker Museum.

4. European honeymoon?

Pick this charming European city as a destination for your honeymoon! Why go on a those typical trip to the Tropics, when you can experience a romantic, stylish honeymoon with a private airport pick up, personal drivers, a hot-air balloon ride?, a luxury boat trip with champagne, and so on? Famous travel blogger couple, Jonathan and Kach from 2 Monkeys Travel Group, are spending their one year-long honeymoon in Europe. Why don’t your start organizing something like this? Just follow their journey for inspiration!

5. Museums!

If you want to familiarise yourself with Czech art and history, pay a visit to some of the wonderful museums. You just need to decide what exactly you’re interested in. Baroque or contemporary art? No matter what you prefer, the city has endless options.

Important footnote: most museums and galleries are closed on Mondays.

6. Walk in the city!

Prague is huge and there’s so much to see! Most of the older historic parts of the city are pedestrian zones, so forget bus tours and taxis and go for a stroll! If you’re travelling on your own and feel like company, you might want to consider one of the many free walking tours, which show you many of the city’s famous and lesser-known sights. For a real adventure this is the perfect tour! If you’re a photographer, or just love taking pictures, you’ll explore more in less time this way than you would on your own.

Capture the beauty of Prague this Autumn and share your stories with us. We would love to hear from you! We’ve made a list of the most important museums and galleries in Prague, where you can find all of our favorites. Click here to view all places on your mobile phone within the myLike app:

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