How Travel Bloggers and Digital Nomads Benefit By Using This Travel Journal App

Bloggers, digital nomads and travelers around the world share their stories of discovery on many platforms. They have two main types of followers: the first is content with simply enjoying stories and pictures virtually, without ever having to make a trip themselves, while the second, once inspired, actually wants to replicate a trip they’ve just read about.

One of the biggest problems for bloggers is managing all the content they’ve been recording and posting during a trip, as half of it’s on Instagram and the rest on their blog and various other platforms. No one has time for all of that – you simply want to share your story and record all the important information. Think about all those instances when you forgot to save the name and the address of an amazing restaurant or shop in a city you visited. It’s definitely annoying, especially, if you’d like to repeat that experience!

What if you could share your roadmap with your followers, to help them on their journey? This travel journal app will change the way you record your trip. Here’s why:

1. Share the world you live in

A friend of mine is the kind of person who knows the ins and outs of the city she lives in back to front: where to go, what to buy, where to find a cheap rug, which shops are open 24 hours, and so on. Every time we meet she has at least five ideas like that, which she simply sends to me as a link to her list on myLike, containing all her notes, ratings and pictures. She even has a “Never try this one!” list. It certainly makes life easier for everyone.

2. Organize your stories

I was a big fan of the map function on Instagram, as I could locate all my experiences around the world on a map. All I needed to do was use a GEO tag whilst posting a picture during a trip, which meant I could later look up the places I wanted to suggest to friends, without scrolling through the thousands of pictures on my profile, hoping to find the one I need. But unfortunately, Instagram deleted this function and I’m sure many bloggers miss it, as I do.

But there must be an alternative, a better solution – and yes, there is! What if, instead of having your stories laid down on a map, you have everything in one app? Simple and easy – and your online life will be more organized than it has ever been, which if you’re a blogger is essential.

3. App is a plus!

Just a few bloggers have their own app, so they can reach their followers by phone. By using myLike you will be able to reach your followers on their phones in order to share your favourite spots. These will appear on a list and map, which allows you to zoom in and out (with a simple pinch), scroll and tap on any of the spots to get more information. As with all mylike functions, you decide with whom you share what.

4. Support Your Facebook Group Community!

If you have your own closed travel group on Facebook, this app is ideal for you, as you can create your own secret group here too, in which to exchange content and your experiences from around the world in a more private context. What a great way to connect!

5. Add the widget to your blog!

You must have seen many bloggers using a world map widget on their blog, where you can see their current location. The only problem with this is that you can’t see which places they’ve already visited or their earlier stories and suggestions. It looks cool at first glance, but it’s not actually very informative or useful.

Many bloggers have reached out to us; telling us that they would love to have a widget on their blog based on the app, where their followers can search the various cities they’ve visited and therein, access all their favourite spots. What a great idea! We’ve now created just that – and you can incorporate it as a fixed element of your website or imbed it into your blog posts! Share your favourite places, let your followers save them, and ask them in turn, to share their stories of the same places. Start a conversation on a more personal level! Click here, and find out more!

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