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    6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Oktoberfest

    Oktoberfest is here again, that means it’s time to raise your jars (they call it Mass which holds 1 liter) with a good extra strong craft beer to celebrate the Bavarian culture with your friends. The world’s beer lovers are getting together for a week or two (or more) to enjoy Germany’s unique beer culture, where roughly 7 million liters get poured to all the beer lovers’ jars! We’ve decided to put together a useful guide to help you navigate…

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    The Lovelace – A hotel happening

    Munich has a new happening! It’s called ‘The Lovelace’; a place combining a café, bar, meeting spot and cultural and party events, within one well-designed ‘pop-up’ hotel. But hurry up, as…

  • 7. Münchener Startup Demo Night

    Die Münchener Startup Demo Nights haben sich zu Höhepunkten in Bayerns Startup-Szene entwickelt! Über 60 Startups stellen sich mit eigenen Ausstellerständen vor und präsentieren ihre Produkte und Lösungen “Zum Anfassen +…

  • Start-Up Night München

    Der VIR und der Travel Industry Club haben sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Start-up Szene und die Touristikbranche stärker zu vernetzen und den Austausch untereinander zu fördern. Hierzu veranstalten der VIR…

  • Must-Visit Museums Munich
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    10 Must-Visit Museums in Munich

    No matter if you’re an arts and culture lover, more specifically interested in ancient history or just a huge fan of classic performing arts like opera and ballet, you certainly won’t be…

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    Best Ice Skating Places In Munich

    A collection of our favourite indoor and outdoor ice skating venues in the beautiful city of Munich, for all those traveling through Germany in winter. We focused on weather-independent places where…

  • 24h Oktoberfest Tour
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    Oktoberfest Guide: 24 Hour Tour

    Just in time for the Oktoberfest (and Bits & Pretzels) we created an Oktoberfest guide for you with local insider tips and years of Oktoberfest experience around the main event to make…