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    Surfing & Bodyflying at Jochen Schweizer Arena

    Jochen Schweizer Arena

    I was recently at the Jochen Schweizer arena Munich for some children’s birthday parties. They had a blast; a full day of fun, sport and excitement. The arena offers everything for children and adults alike, from indoor surfing, body flying, an outdoor flying fox, canopy climbing and team building areas. Standing Wave One highlight is definitely the indoor standing wave for learning and improving your surfing skills. With an adjustable wave height of up to 1.4 m, it’s perfect for…

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    The Lovelace – A hotel happening

    Munich has a new happening! It’s called ‘The Lovelace’; a place combining a café, bar, meeting spot and cultural and party events, within one well-designed ‘pop-up’ hotel. But hurry up, as…

  • 7. Münchener Startup Demo Night

    Die Münchener Startup Demo Nights haben sich zu Höhepunkten in Bayerns Startup-Szene entwickelt! Über 60 Startups stellen sich mit eigenen Ausstellerständen vor und präsentieren ihre Produkte und Lösungen “Zum Anfassen +…

  • Start-Up Night München

    Der VIR und der Travel Industry Club haben sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Start-up Szene und die Touristikbranche stärker zu vernetzen und den Austausch untereinander zu fördern. Hierzu veranstalten der VIR…

  • Must-Visit Museums Munich
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    10 Must-Visit Museums in Munich

    No matter if you’re an arts and culture lover, more specifically interested in ancient history or just a huge fan of classic performing arts like opera and ballet, you certainly won’t be…

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    Best Ice Skating Places In Munich

    A collection of our favourite indoor and outdoor ice skating venues in the beautiful city of Munich, for all those traveling through Germany in winter. We focused on weather-independent places where…