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    A perfect autumn day in Mallorca

    Perfect Autumn Day

    With 400,000 inhabitants, the capital of Majorca is also the seat of the Autonomous Government of the Balearic Islands.   For city strollers, cyclists and hikers, now is the perfect time to visit the island of Mallorca. And for culture lovers, the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival is a good excuse, drawing the international film industry to the island’s capital of Palma on the 26th of November. Days begin a little later in Mallorca with only a few shops open…

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  • myLike New Relase

    New Release: 0.91

    What’s new? You can now easily find your Facebook friends in myLike and connect with them also in myLike: go to your profile (click the hamburger icon ☰) where you can…

  • Best Ski Lodges in Austria
    Europe TRAVEL BLOG

    5 Best Ski Lodges in Austria

    Updated December 23, 2016. Are you already planning your next ski trip? Then you should check out this list of our 5 favourite ski lodges in Austria! 1. Bergchalets Klausner – Tyrol,…

  • 10 Best Places To Eat In Lisbon
    Europe TRAVEL BLOG

    10 Best Places To Eat In Lisbon

    When it comes to eating out, Lisbon is a city full of hidden and not-so-hidden but delightful treasures of great food and cuisines, that let you fully indulge yourself in one…

  • Valentine's Day 2016
    TRAVEL BLOG Worldwide

    A Valentine’s Day to Remember

    Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we were thinking about the ways in which people usually celebrate: A box of chocolates, a dozen roses, a romantic movie, a beautiful dinner…

  • Must-Visit Museums Munich
    Europe TRAVEL BLOG

    10 Must-Visit Museums in Munich

    No matter if you’re an arts and culture lover, more specifically interested in ancient history or just a huge fan of classic performing arts like opera and ballet, you certainly won’t be…

  • Travel Bucket List 2016
    TRAVEL BLOG Worldwide

    Travel Bucket List 2016

    Everyone has a travel bucket list – if you don’t, after this post probably you will consider to create yours. We thought instead of doing a huge list for our whole lives,…