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    New Release: 0.91

    myLike New Relase

    What’s new? You can now easily find your Facebook friends in myLike and connect with them also in myLike: go to your profile (click the hamburger icon ☰) where you can find 2 new add buttons just below your beautiful picture. A contact selection opens and you can go to the Facebook rider. If your friends are not there yet just invite them with the ‘+’ button at the end of the screen. You can now navigate to a selected…

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  • Best Ski Lodges in Austria
    Europe TRAVEL BLOG

    5 Best Ski Lodges in Austria

    Updated December 23, 2016. Are you already planning your next ski trip? Then you should check out this list of our 5 favourite ski lodges in Austria! 1. Bergchalets Klausner – Tyrol,…

  • 10 Best Places To Eat In Lisbon
    Europe TRAVEL BLOG

    10 Best Places To Eat In Lisbon

    When it comes to eating out, Lisbon is a city full of hidden and not-so-hidden but delightful treasures of great food and cuisines, that let you fully indulge yourself in one…


    myLike on Indiegogo!

      Check out our Indiegogo-Page!   myLike enables you to find, save and share great locations and services within your circles of trust: your friends and network. At the same time…

  • Must-Visit Museums Munich
    Europe TRAVEL BLOG

    10 Must-Visit Museums in Munich

    No matter if you’re an arts and culture lover, more specifically interested in ancient history or just a huge fan of classic performing arts like opera and ballet, you certainly won’t be…

  • Travel Bucket List 2016
    TRAVEL BLOG Worldwide

    Travel Bucket List 2016

    Everyone has a travel bucket list – if you don’t, after this post probably you will consider to create yours. We thought instead of doing a huge list for our whole lives,…